C.A. Dawson

- Action Adventure SF from C.A. Dawson

how she came to be a writer

C.A. Dawson was born in Montreal, the middle child of three children born to Scott and Beth Burger. She was raised in the small Quebec town of Rawdon where she spent summers barefoot, picking her way over hot gravel roads toward town; clamoring through pine and maple forests with friends or swimming at the local beach.

"I had the most spectacular childhood on this (or any other) planet," Dawson insists. "I was surrounded by friends and the great Quebec wilderness from mid-June until early September."

It was that "great Quebec wilderness" that Dawson accredits to spawning her wild imagination. She wrote her first novel at the age of eight - although she's fast to say it wasn't anything anyone would want to read - beside a spectacular waterfall.

Since then she's come a long way. What she's writing now you WILL want to read. What she's writing will keep you on the edge of your seat!

C.A. has completed seven SF novels. Her first published work, ALIEN STALKER was published by Vivisphere in 2000 and will be re-released before Christmas 2012 by Babora Books.

She's written several short stories including Keeper (published in 2003 in Passages from Sooke) and Left Hand Turn (published in 2009 in OnSpec under the name Cherie Burger). Dawson won a writing contest in 2005 with a SF short story entitled The Lighthouse that was subsequently published in the Sooke Mirror. 

C.A. currently lives and writes in Victoria, British Columbia on the second and third floors of an old character home. The above photo was taken at her grandfather's desk on the third floor. (Well, sort of.)