C.A. Dawson

- Action Adventure SF from C.A. Dawson

C.A. Dawson recaptures the Science Fiction Action-Adventure tradition with . . . fast paced plots, strong characters and great story-telling.

Who said action adventure had to be confined to Star Wars?

Influenced by Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, John W. Campbell, Alice Sheldon and others, Dawson paints spellbinding tales that embrace science fiction, fantasy and horror between the covers of the same book.

Dawson addresses taboo topics with cutting edge clarity. In the cold light of day she challenges us to look deeper; to question our own morality.

Come along for the ride. Dawson will move you through time and space with the speed of light.

Take a ride on the wild side with C.A. Dawson! Checkout the video trailer for CACIN!



C.A. Dawson is published by Babora Books.